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Webinar in partnership with Regnology


Effective compliance with the Automatic Exchange of Information requires an efficient two pronged approach:


  1. Collection, validation and monitoring of customer data: and
  2. Extraction of the reportable data and reporting within regulatory timeframes, in accordance with the relevant reporting schema.


Despite 2021 representing the 7th year of FATCA reporting and 5th year for CRS reporting, it’s clear from our industry discussions and with HMRC that many firms face challenges around both data quality and effective reporting solutions.


At our EFI/Regnology webinar, we’re delighted that HMRC is presenting on the common reporting errors seen by the UK tax authority in 2021, how that impacts on foreign tax authorities and also reporting financial institutions.


EFI and Regnology share their insights into best practice and solutions to these challenges harnessing the power of technology and experienced people. We also include a regulatory update on IRS W Series forms with an opportunity for delegates to pose questions to each of our presenters.